Players Classic, possibly the best single day in the car show calendar. There’s no other show that does it quite the same, with such an amazing location, great cars and perfect weather Jay and Carl at Players have got the recipe just perfect.

The location that is Goodwood Motor Circuit is one that is unlike any other, the high-class and old school vibe offers a sense of authenticity that cannot be replicated. Though it could be said that the location makes Players Classic what it is and though its unlike any other, I personally think its more than that alone.

The cars on display at Players Classic are always different, of course there’s familiar metal but without doubt there will be cars that you have never, and likely wont ever see again at a UK show. From hot rods and stance cars to drift cars and all out racers – Players Classic is any petrolhead’s dream.

Show sponsor Monster Energy provided this years show with a pop-up barber shop, if you didn’t quite managed to fit in that trim before the show. Along with a barber shop, Monster also provided a free bar (yes, free) creating a variety of cocktails using Monster as mixer. Naturally I was sure to sample a few of these, for research purposes.

Pair all of this with scorching weather, stunning cars and all day track action, including a drift display from Monster’s very own Baggsy and you’ve got yourself one hell of a show.

I could talk all day about Players, and if you see me in real life and ask then I probably will, but right now lets talk photos…

@st4rk3y’s e28 was one of our favourites at this years show, simple, subtle and clean – how we like it.


Baggsy’s drift displays were sweet and if you didn’t see it, the noise was enough to get your heart rate up!


This rx7 owned by Jordan was seriously wild, and one of my personal favourites – all boxes ticked.

This Shakotan style Celica was super clean – and not something you see every day.

Photos: Michael Scott // Chris Charles
Event: Players Classic
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Goodwood, England

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