Eurospotter's Kulturschock (I think I'm spelling that right) show is in it's 3rd year and growing fast. Year 2 for the show at Gateshead International Stadium, a great venue that brings a different vibe than most shows.

Despite the brand name Eurospotter, Kulturschock is open to all marques, something becoming more and more common in the UK.

We love the variety of all marques shows and Kulturschock has plenty of that! Just check out Scott Lennon's wild Rocket Bunny 350z!

This year brought with it again a great mix of cars from around the UK. Some we've seen, some we haven't and some that have been re-built since last year, like Connor's 190e - now in chocolate flavour.

Kulturschock's unique venue allow the lads to have some different stuff going on throughout the day, including a 'rev off' and a car limbo - the limbo is definitely more our kind of thing.

Jorge tried his best to win the limbo, almost fully aired out with his wheels chewing his arches. Only to be beaten by an MX-5 tucking all round - still worth it just for the photos.

The show also has a drive on stage which is a great way to keep everyone entertained, while they take a break from walking around and have a seat in the grandstand.

A great show with chilled vibes and (somehow always) great weather, we're excited to see this show progress and will definitely be back next year!





Photos: Michael Scott
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Gateshead International Stadium, Newcastle

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