Japfest is one of Europe’s largest and best Japanese car shows. Silverstone – Britain’s homes of motorsport - once again became the backdrop for this year’s event.

Is the Japanese car scene changing? With air, shiny splits, retrims, colour changes and more aggressive fitment than ever before, it is starting to feel like the UK are catching up with our friends over the pond. Already this year we have seen the big VAG shows allow the JAP guys to sneak indoors with their latest builds – the stereotype JAP build seems to be a distant memory. We might be biased (as we are building an Evo X this year) but the lines are starting to blur between the ‘VAG’ & ‘JAP’ scene, inclusive events are popping up all over the country – it’s exciting.

One things for certain, there are no Volkswagens at Japfest.

A standout car was this yellow s2000 laying on a set of stepped RS's.

Lexus - no longer an old mans car - have made a huge mark on the Japenese car scene in the last few years. We thought this one was pretty baller.

Its hard to go a Japenese event, in-fact any show in the last year or two, without seeing something with a set of bolt on arches. A build we have been following on Instagram, Jamie Barry's 350z was looking pretty crazy with its new wrap and kit.

As part of the Fast Car show series, there will be a second installment of Japfest at Donnington on 1st July, new for 2017. If you missed Silverstone - be sure to check out whats going on.

Photos: Chris Charles
Event: Japfest
Words: Greg Robins
Location: Silverstone, England


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