We've been visiting GTINI's Dubshed since 2014, and we've been leaving everything to the last minute for just as long. This year we were more last minute than ever, aside from booking our ferry less than a week before, we (mostly Stu) somehow managed to throw a car together overnight.

At 3am, running on zero hours sleep we finally finished putting together the R32 and packing the 'Pussat' and set off to catch our 7.30am ferry. Excited for our big weekend ahead, we arrived at the show, set up our stand and took a minute to take in the show, catching up with everyone along the way.

For us, the Dubshed weekend is more than just a show, it's a weekend away in a great city, meeting up with great people and looking at some of the best builds from the UK and Ireland, that's probably why Dubshed is where it is today.

There isn't much about Dubshed that I haven't talked about in previous years, but what I can say is that year after year the GTINI lads pull it out the bag and deliver 110%. Dubshed is everything a show should be and more, and with this years addition of a Best Non-VAG class in their awards it's clear that the show will continue to evolve and grow for the benefit of enthusiasts of all marques.

A standout car for everyone at the show, was Nial O'Dowds 993.

We'll be back next year as always, hopefully we get the same kind of control over the music as we did this year, in the second hall at least (sorry Gethin).

Photos: Michael Scott
Event: Dubshed
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Eikon Exhibition Centre, Lisburn, NI

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