Players Classic - while everyone was worried about leaving and getting home after an epic show, Dave and I snuck off to get some photos of his stunning S2000. For me, it’s been a long time coming.

Dave tells me the idea was to always keep his S2000 on the side of OEM. He says ‘Originally my plans were to keep it quite stock after owning a modified Civic Jordan for 7 years. I wanted to lower it a tiny bit, add the optional Honda exterior parts and leave it at that.’ However, being a car enthusiast, this was clearly never going to happen. Bit by bit the modifications began to stack up. Early mods included an OEM front lip and low level spoiler and some Eibach lowering springs - none of which are still fitted to the car.

Fast forward 5 years and the car has evolved into the machine you see here. Affectionately named ‘Black Mamba’, the car achieves it’s crazy static lows via BC Racing coilovers. For wheels a staggered setup of gorgeous fully polished 18” 3 piece Work VS-MX’s have been fitted, wrapped in Nankang tyres. An Invidia Q300 exhaust with decat provides the soundtrack - and what a soundtrack it is. Exterior wise a full OEM S2000 CR kit has been fitted. Dave tells us ‘Being a huge gamer, I’ve always loved how the S2000 CR (Club Racer) looked on games like Forza Motorsport. I wanted to get mine looking like a US only CR that we never got here in the UK’. To be fair to Dave, it looks stunning.

Working in the detailing industry allows Dave to keep the car exceptionally clean and the paintwork like glass. ‘If my car isn’t up to my own high standards of OCD, I won’t take it to shows or meets even if all my friends say it looks mint!’ - I can appreciate that.

I personally thought the project was coming to a close, but Dave tells me I couldn’t be more wrong. ‘Writing the spec list, it doesn’t seem like a lot. There’s still so much more to do’. I can’t wait. Keep an eye out at the shows, you may just see Black Mamba parked up at one near you.

Invidia Q300 exhaust system
Invidia decat
Rocker cover refurbed in Ford Nitrous Blue
Spoon Sports carbon kevlar plug cover
Spoon Sports oil cap
Spoon Sports radiator mounts
Spoon Sports radiator cap
Spoon Sports brake reservoir covers

BC racing coilovers
Japspeed front and rear camber kits
OEM brake discs
Ferodo DS2500 brake pads
Black HEL braided brake lines

18x9 & 18x10 staggered Work VS-MX 3 piece wheels
Nankang NS-2 215/35 R18 tyres

OEM Honda S2000 CR front lip
OEM Honda S2000 CR spoiler
OEM Honda S2000 CR rear bumper
OEM Honda S2000 GT hardtop
Headlight washers smoothed
Front and rear de-badge
Aerial smoothed
Front numberplate recess removed and smoothed
Boot lock smoothed
Full respray in OEM Honda Berlina Black

OEM Honda 4 piece JDM mats
D1 spec carbon gear knob
Sony bluetooth/mp3/CD player
Vibe active 8” subwoofer
Broadway rear view mirror

Photos: Chris Charles
Car Owner: Dave Watson
Words: Chris Charles
Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester
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