Andrew Britton's Liberty Walk M4

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade - or in Andrew Britton's case, re-imagine a juicy purple M4.

On route to cleanfest last year, Andy was shunted from behind at 80mph in the wet, managing a double spin before hitting the central reservation. The car had not long gone under the knife at Vinyl Image, sporting a cool new deep purple/red wrap, but unfortunately we never got to fill the carpet pod in the main hall with the Liberty Walk M4. If you follow Andy on Instagram you’ll be familiar with his self-portrait camera rants & in his true light-hearted style we have all grown to love. He walks around his car stating, “that’s fucked, yep so is that - fucked”. Ultimately, he was just glad to still be around to make sure everyone can see the ‘funny’ side to a pretty shit situation.

Fast forward 5 months and this is the result.

The M4 went under a major rebuild at Colour Kraft including a new Liberty Walk Kit, a full respray in a deep purple, fresh colour scheme throughout and a new full Remus exhaust system. Andy didn’t only fix this car, he completely re-built it – but better.

Cool new little details were added along the way including rebuilding the front headlights, re-painting the cage & crash support bars all to tie in with the new yellow secondary colour scheme. 

The big wing has disappeared, with Andy opting to keep to just the dovetail spoiler - it just wouldn't have suited the new classier look. 

The car debuted at Autosport International on the Remus stand at the start of the year before Andy had even seen the finished article himself. The new look went down a storm and became one of the favourite re-build stories of the past year. 

Unless life also hands you sugar and water, your lemonade is going to suck. In this case Andy certainly added everything it needed. 

Photos: Connor Flanigan 
Words: Greg Robins
Location: Corby, England

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