If you have been to any major UK car show this year, you've probably seen Aaron's lupo; it's even been featured in November's Performance VW Magazine. If a PVW feature isn't enough to give you an idea of how complete and well built this car is just have a look at his spec list below, or better yet, the pictures. 

In March of 2014, after months of planning and decision making - which we all know is sometimes the hardest part in building a car - Aaron started work on his lupo. This was no half-arsed build either, Aaron's lupo was stripped right down to a rolling shell in preparation for a full respray in reflex silver, the paint was mixed with added aluminium to give the colour that extra sparkle.

A year and a half later Aaron's lupo was finally complete, and we caught up with him this year at Players Classic show to grab some shots of the complete build. Perhaps the most attention grabbing part of Aaron's lupo is his interior, trimmed in mix of Jaguar auburn leather or saddle suede it's certainly difficult to miss, never mind the fact that everything inside the car that could be trimmed, has been trimmed, and anything that couldn't be trimmed has been colour matched to the leather.

A very special part of Aaron's interior is the custom hex stitch, which as far as anyone is aware, has not been done before in this way, using one continuous stitched line to create the effect of hexagons.

Aaron has some big plans for this car over winter, though he is keeping his lips sealed at the moment we're sure it'll be something special, and no doubt something that has never been done before. We can't wait to find out!


Standard 1.4s engine
Chrome engine brackets and bottle brackets
Ferrari wrinkle red rocker cover
Colour coded engine cover
Porsche bottle caps
Forge Motorsport washer bottle cap
Puddle lights under the bonnet
Fully made one off exhaust system by PP Tuning
Lifted wheel well to hold space saver wheel as well as jack but shallow enough to fit the exhaust under it and out the centre.

Airlift mk2 golf front struts & firestone rear bags
Airlift V2 management
Rear axle painted black
Silver rear drums
Yellow front callipers
3" chassis notch
239mm Black Diamond vented, grooved and drilled discs with Black Diamond pads

15x8 & 8.5 OZ Turbos with Radinox lips
Painted in a copper ink
Gold spiked hardware
Gold valves
Custom OZ Hexagon centre caps and brushed metal logos

Full Respray inside and out in reflex silver with added aluminium
Petrol cap trimmed to match interior
Smoothed front and rear bumpers
Smoothed sides
Smoothed arches
Underneath painted black

Everything re-trimmed in either Aurbourn Leather out of a jaguar or Saddle Suede
One-off hexagon stitch line using 1 continuous line to make up multiple hexagons
Dyed seatbelts to match seats
Carpets colour matched
Passat W8 interior light
Boot build including a 4 gallon polished tank and 2 380cc polished compressors
OMP Mugello wood and chrome steering wheel
Audi TT pedals

Photos: Michael Scott
Car Owner: Aaron Would
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester

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