We hooked up with LowHouse Crew from Belgium while we were in Wörthersee last year, a great bunch of guys with some serious cars and a passion for all things low.

We got chatting to the guys in Faak Am See and ended up heading back to the hotel they had all to themselves to spend some time shooting their cars, getting to know each other, drinking Belgian beer and giving them their first bottle of Buckfast - which some enjoyed more than others!

LowHouse brought with them a full squad, though not everyone had their cars and not every car’s owner was there - Sandro Syx  couldn’t make it but his friends brought along his crazy, wide body Polo GTi for him - a car that immediately caught our eye when we were in Faak.

Quint Brunson’s Audi A4 had some of the best and tightest fitment we’ve seen. Super tight front tuck and rear lips that eat the quarter panels - and slap stickers…

It’s clear just by looking at their cars, LowHouse crew are all about diversity. Each member of the crew has their own style and taste that they incorporate into their cars, from Stijn Hutsebaut’s sleek Skoda Octavia to Yngwie Hansens’ race inspired A3 with roll cage and carbon wings.

Dario Everaert’s Passat CC - perhaps the most understated car in LowHouse - looked super stealthy and clean on a set of Vossen x Work wheels with satin bronze lips.

After our shoot the LowHouse boys took us our for one of the best meals we had on the whole trip (I don’t think I’ve ever stopped talking for as long), we all had big juicy stakes while Mikey got a f*cking schnitzel - what an ezel.

The LowHouse Crew are running their own show called All Down in June this year over in Belgium, check it out here: http://www.alldown.be/ - if the crew’s own cars are anything to go by, this will be one hell of a show!

You’ll also be able to see a few of their cars at cleanfest in September as well - a bunch of their cars have been accepted already!

Photos: Michael Scott
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Wörthersee



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