The second installment of our Wörthersee series takes us to possibly the best car park in the world. The car park in Faak Am See - another lake next to Wörthersee - commonly referred to as ‘Turbo Curve’ due to the long curved road passing the car park where thousands gather to watch and listen to the multitude of vehicles passing by.

If there’s a car you’ve passed on the road that you wanted to get a closer look at, Faak is the place to go. Being probably the most popular meeting spot around the lake, you’ll see all sorts of different cars and bikes here, like this wooden one… 

We returned to Faak time and time again throughout our Wörthersee visit and always seen something different, we also found it was a good place to catch up with some fellow Brits.

Just like car park meets (if you can call this a meet) in the UK, the local police force were hanging around. Instead of looking for trouble the Polizei wait for it to come to them, by sitting at the exit to the car park and pulling over any “suspicious” cars (anyone they think they can get money from). Charlie Evans was one of these people…

Luckily Charlie - not for lack of the Polizei trying - never received any fines, not on this occasion anyway.

Widebody everything please. Lexy Roxx’s Hurucan was pretty hard to miss…

As we mentioned in Chapter 1  , diversity is key in Wörthersee. Faak is the perfect visual representation of this and is certainly the place to see some of the wildest cars around the lake. Take this beat up mk2 golf for example… if you passed this on the street you would probably think “wow, that thing needs the scrap.”

But you would be sorely mistaken… this mk2 with R32 conversion is possibly the sleepiest sleeper around. That’s what makes Faak such a great gathering place, it’s great to see cars on the road but some cars just need that little extra attention.

We met some great people on one of our first visits to Faak, we’ll tell you more about that soon in Chapter 3. 

Photos: Michael Scott
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Faak Am See


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