Wörthersee - a lake in Austria’s southern state of Carinthia - has been home to Europe’s largest annual VAG show since 1981. However, the show its self is no longer the main event, thousands of car enthusiasts now flock to the shores of Wörthersee every summer for the automotive holiday of a lifetime, VAG or non-VAG.


In Chapter 1 of our Wörthersee Collection we take a look at two cars that made the trip over from the UK; Lewis Hart's Audi A4 and Connor Hollamby’s Mercedes 190E. One of the best things about Wörthersee is the diversity, from classic, concours-spec mk1 Golf’s to wide-body Maserati’s laying frame - these two cars are no exception.

 Connor’s 26 year old Mercedes 190E managed the 900+ mile trip to Wörthersee without a hiccup - an impressive feat even for some new cars and a testament to Connor himself for building a car that is both reliable and looks great!


This old school saloon sits on a phat set of shiny BBS RF’s and with a custom air kit made by Connor himself has some killer fitment, front and back! - Just look at that lip eating that arch.

 Moving on from Connor’s Merc we take a look at Lewis’ A4 wagon.

Now if you’ve not seen this car at shows in the UK, you’ve definitely seen it’s owner, the BFG (Big Friendly Geordie). Lewis’ OEM++ A4 has been wrapped by the boys at paintkillers in Nardo Grey and with the help of an AirLift Performance kit neatly tucks some 20x10.5 Forge customer 3-piece Rotors.

An Xenonz UK RS4 kit gives this two litre TDI an added bit of aggression alongside a carbon diffuser and Evans Performance quad-tip exhaust. Some Darkside Development parts also give the car the power boost to go match the exterior!

Keep an eye out for Chapter 2 of our Wörthersee Collection coming real soon.

Photos: Michael Scott
Car Owner: Lewis Hart/Connor Hollamby 
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Velden am Worthersee

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