Players Classic 2021

Michael Scott - January 18th 2022

After one hell of a year locked down with no socialising and certainly no car shows, the idea of socialising in large groups felt like a distant memory. When we got word that Players Classic was going ahead we were filled with both excitement and apprehension, but mostly excitement. We bought our tickets and kept our eyes on social media, half expecting to see the event be postponed or even cancelled, an announcement we’d grown used to and come to expect throughout the pandemic. To our surprise, no such announcement was made and the government had lifted restrictions in England.

The weekend arrived and we headed down to what’s become our favourite event of the season. I don’t know if it was the less-than-perfect weather (rich coming from a Scotsman, I know) or the slight awkwardness of being close to strangers having been isolated for so long but Saturday just didn’t quite feel like Player’s. If you’ve been you know that Players Classic has an atmosphere of it’s own, completely unique to that event. The opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet those who we’d been speaking to online for the last year and talk about life and cars really made up for it though.

As organisers of an event ourselves, we know how tough it’s been trying to plan anything and we have to hand it to Jay and the Players team for having the balls to push forward and make it happen. We realised this year more than ever that though the amazing cars and venue makes Players Classic unique, it’s really the the people that make it Players.