When it comes to UK car shows, Players Classic is the pinnacle. Set on the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit, a venue that never fails to impress.


Players Classic is a show we look forward to every year, one we will continue to drive the length of the UK to attend for as long as we can. Every one of the five hundred miles to get there is worth it.


This year for the first time, Players Classic became a two day event. With the regular format of track cars on the circuit and show cars in the paddocks on Saturday. Sunday seen a number of extra show cars appear parked on track - 'Goodwood Breakfast Club' style.

With the introduction of an extra day, the Saturday appeared to be slightly quieter in terms of spectators than Sunday. Offering a great opportunity to take in the show at an even more relaxed pace.

Track action has always been a big part of what makes Players Classic so special. It's great to see all the nice cars parked up and walk around them but there's something about hearing and seeing a car roar down the straight. 


As with every year, the weather at Players Classic was scorching, with temperatures above 30 ºC. To help in the blazing heat, there was no shortage in refreshments. Monster Energy were on hand dishing out endless amounts of various flavoured drinks.

Even better than just free Monster was the free Monster Energy Bar - with a number of alcoholic cocktails mixed up with Monster - as if we needed an excuse.

Another free addition to the show was the barber shop, something we've never seen the likes of at an event like this before. Two first class barbers on hand all day offering free cuts.

Free drinks and haircuts aside, Players Classic is special because of variety. There's not many other shows where you can look one way and see a mk1 escort tearing up the track then turn around and see a RWB Porsche and a bagged Ferrari 308 GTB.

Kean Suspensions brought some serious cars.

As well as these wild builds, Oshe Design's Porsche was one of our absolute favourites of the whole show. Incredibly well built, super clean and tastefully designed. 

 There's no other show quite like it, certainly not in the UK. The guys at Players just hit the nail on the head year after year. We can't wait for next year already!


Photos: Michael Scott & Greg Robins
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester


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