Dubshed 2022

Michael Scott - May 27th 2022

We’ve been making the pilgrimage to Belfast for Dubshed since 2013, it’s a show that has become one of our favourites over the years. Growing year after year, Dubshed attracts some of the best cars from all over the UK.

In years previous, Dubshed has been a primarily VAG only show - with the odd BMW and Evo (Greg…) sneaking in on trade stands. However, this year the GTINI team made the call to open the show up to all marques. Though there will no doubt be a narrow-minded few who might wish for the show to have stuck to its VAG roots, it was great to see the show become more inclusive and grow their audience further.

This year also saw the addition of ‘The Stages’ by Monster Energy, a Gymkhana-style event with elements of drift, rally and time attack. Monster Energy athlete Luke Woodham also brought along his Pro Lite race truck, throwing it around for the crowds.

It was great to be back at Dubshed after Covid stopped it going ahead for a couple years and even better to see that the show is continuing to grow and attract a wider audience.