Break The Mould // Shaun Quinn's Honda NSX

Known to his friends as Shug and to the internet as Rubbershugzilla, Shaun Quinn is the visionary behind the crazy build you see before you.

Honda NSX

While the rest of us build cars using off-the shelf parts and maybe employ the odd professional to do the custom work, Shaun breaks that mould. In fact, he smashes that mould to bits and makes his own, literally and figuratively. Check out the custom roof and hatch cover - both completely hand made from scratch by Shug himself.

NSX Roof Scoop

NSX Roof

Shug is the kind of person who’s not afraid to give anything a go and believes everything is customisable, this attitude extends further than just his cars - you’ll get that when you see him. A reflection of his personality and similar to his skin, there’s not a bit of this car that hasn’t been altered somehow. Where most of us would be afraid to start cutting irreplaceable parts, Shug doesn’t give a shit and dives in head first, thriving in the creative art of building his vision.


NSX Head On

NSX Quarter

This 1st-gen NSX was imported from Japan already fitted with the carbon Zero Force GT wide-body kit and some other tasty bits. However, even the wide body wasn’t good enough for Shaun, who added flares all round, improving the look of the arches and the fitment.

NSX Wheel

NSX Light

A custom set of 3-piece wheels fill the arches, 20x9 fronts and 21x11 rears. Based on a set of cast, single piece wheels, Shug cut out the centres and made his own billet aluminium rings that allow a fully hidden hardware set up with custom lips and barrels. Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed the original valve holes on the wheel centres, with the new valves directly opposite on each wheel - an intentional design point that Shug explains he left as a talking point. This is a great testament to how Shug treats this as an art, it's about starting a conversation and making people think. 

 NSX Rear Wheel

NSX interior

NSX Exhaust

Learning very much by doing, Shug made multiple versions of the roof and rear hatch, with a scoop drawing cold air directly to the engine compartment. Where you will find the factory 3.0 V6 vtec engine with some tuning mods, this NSX is definitely as quick as it looks. Having been used by its previous owner to its full potential on tracks including Spa and the Nurburgring, the car’s had quite a life and Shug’s made sure it’s going to live a whole different life with him.

 NSX Bay

NSX Seats

The list of modifications and custom alterations that have been done to this car really are endless, I’m not just being lazy, they really go on and on. We asked Shug to put together a spec list for us and even he isn't sure he's covered it all. No doubt the car will change slightly as time goes on too. If his Civic is anything to go by - this car isn't leaving anytime soon and will likely see lots of future changes as Shug learns and imagines (somehow) even more!

NSX & Civic

Photos: Greg Robins & Michael Scott
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Peebles, Scotland


Spec List:


  • Bride Low Max seats
  • Takata harnesses
  • S2000 dials
  • Custom centre console with reverse screen, touch screen media player and tablet
  • Full carbon headliner
  • Carbon pillars with guarge pods
  • Rear brace and harnesses bar
  • Custom MOMO steering wheel
  • Full interior retrim in red suede and yellow tartan

Wheels, Suspension & Brakes:

  • Brembo 6pot calipers 358 discs in front
  • Brembo 6pot calipers 358 discs and handbrake caliper
  • Bc racing coilovers with OCD bags, airlift v2 management
  • Custom three piece wheels - Cast wheels 18" & 19" custom stepped to 20x9 and 21x11.
  • Falken tyres

Exterior :

  • Full colour change in lexus naples yellow pearl,
  • Zero Force GT carbon wide-body with custom flares (1.5'' front & 2" rear).
  • Na2 front end swap
  • NSX-R headlights
  • Downforce bonnet
  • Carbon downforce bumper corners
  • Carbon canards
  • Carbon scuttle panel
  • NSX-R door handles
  • F1 carbon wing mirrors
  • Carbon pillers
  • Carbon skirt runners
  • Custom carbon roof scoop
  • Custom carbon rear hatch scoop
  • Custom dual adjustable carbon spoiler
  • Full stainless dual exhaust
  • One off custom rear defuser
  • Full led tail lights


  • Carbon fibre air box
  • Greddy ECU
  • Greddy throttle body
  • Heavy duty HT & wiring kit
  • After Market Clutch
  • Lightened flywheel


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