A Night at the Museum // Steve Fraser's Audi R8

If you’re into modified cars, which I’ll assume you are since you’re here, you’ll likely have seen Steve Fraser’s Audi R8 V10 on social media. If you haven’t seen this car you’ll definitely have seen one of his many past cars, or past Audi’s should I say (with the exception of a mk6 Golf).

This latest build is something Steve’s been aspiring to for a long time, regularly sharing pictures of R8’s on his instagram stories it was always clear what the end-goal was while he was trading up his various cars. There’s a common theme between all Steve’s cars - a few actually - and this V10 powered R8 is no exception, Rotiform wheels, Airlift Suspension and lots of power.


From standard the mk2 Audi R8 V10 is already a gorgeous car, modern yet timeless design and a soundtrack that’s enough to get anyone excited. Pair all that with a set of nice wheels and airlift suspension and you’ve got yourself a winner already. 

Over the years Steve has built relationships and worked with a few major brands, Rotiform being one of the best known, so it’s no surprise to see a new set of Rotiforms on his car every few months, but we get the feeling these forged 20x9 and 21x12.5, 3-piece HUR’s will be sticking around for a while. These concave, angular wheels compliment the shape of the R8 perfectly, finished in a satin bronze that adds a touch of class often taken away by painting wheels black (don’t shoot me).

Again, Steve has worked alongside Airlift for a number of years also. The R8 took a little extra work to have the suspension fitted, requiring a custom set of Airlift Performance struts to be made using mk1 Audi R8 struts as a base. Controlled using the latest 3H management, this R8 stays planted and Steve claims handles better than it did on stock suspension- he’s got to say that, right? That’s what we said too but he assures us he’s not just saying it for the sales…

With such a great, aggressive looking car, you’ve got to have the power to match, not that the standard 533bhp isn’t enough. Thanks to an APR Stage 1 remap, an extra 107bhp has been squeezed out the 5.2litre V10. A Vorsteiner aero kit keeps all that power stuck to the ground, with a carbon wing, diffuser and splitter tying the whole look of the car together as well as offering the obvious handling benefits.

Lets forget styling and handling for a second though and talk about NOISE. The Audi V10 is one of the best sounding modern engines, in this case a non-resonated, Milltek exhaust enhances that sound even more. This car really does have it all, stunning looks, lots of power, faultless handling and addictive noise, not to mention a comfy yet driver focussed cockpit.

Greg and I agreed upon seeing this car on the move that it is possibly one of our favourite builds in the UK, a car for every occasion that’s well put together and remains usable - what more could you want? I guess we’ll find out when Steve inevitably trades this up at some point.

Photos: Greg Robins & Michael Scott
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Glasgow, Scotland


Spec List:

- 2016 Audi R8 V10
- Full Custom Airlift Performance struts
- Airlift 3H management
- Forged 3-pieice Rotiform HUR 20x9 & 21x12.5
- Milltek Non-resonated Exhaust
- Apr Stage 1 Remap (640bhp)
- Vorsteiner Carbon Wing
- Vorsteiner Carbon Diffuser
- Vorsteiner Carbon Splitter



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