keepitclean | Ultimate Dubs 2017
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Ultimate Dubs 2017

After what feels like a long winter, the show season opener finally comes back around once again – Ultimate Dubs. There is just something about Ultimate Dubs thats makes you feel warm inside again, that makes you look forward to summer, that drains your iPhone battery days before, that makes you rush like hell to pull a car together and get yourself to what always proves to be a great start to the year…we didn’t quite manage the last part.

With cars still in pieces, wheels everywhere and a sad bunch of Scot’s stuck in a cold unit in Edinburgh, we sent Chris along to catch up on the action we were missing. As usual the best of the best turned up in style to flaunt the winters spend. Every year Ultimate Dubs seems to draw a huge amount of negativity and this year was no different with all those naughty non-vag cars slipping in-doors (nice one lads – keep flying that Jap flag). But – with every trader under the sun on show, cars from all over Europe and finally everyone back in the same place, I don’t think anyone could have asked for a better the start of 2017.

We promise we will come out of hibernation soon – see you all at Dubshed.

Photos: Chris Charles
Event: Ultimate Dubs
Words: Greg Robins
Location: Telford International Centre, England