keepitclean | CumbriaVAG 2016 part 2
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CumbriaVAG 2016 part 2

After a long night of drinking taking pictures and videos, we crawled out our tents, woken by the sound exhausts roaring on their way to the show field – honestly not the best noise to wake up to unless it’s a v6 or bigger – but it’s usually not (we all know the type), an instant reminder that you’re actually at a car event, something that’s easy to forget after the wild night on Saturday.

As the name suggests, most of the cars in attendance are volkswagens, audi’s, etc. but the show also attracts and allows all other marques, though they can’t win a prize it’s great to see some variety. The show field this year had plenty on display as well, with some cars we haven’t seen yet this show season, a favourite of mine being Rhys Armstrong’s freshly rebuilt and repainted lupo, with a risky colour choice that has paid off hugely, it’s a car that seems to get all the attention it deserves.

Cumvag also offered a number of other attractions this year besides just the cars, with great live music all day, and even a comedy stand inside the marquee, as well as all the usual trade stands, food and drink vans and other displays. With the show’s usual chilled out vibe it was easy for everyone to relax and get some well deserved recovery time to deal with their hangovers.  Thanks to the great athmosphere and effort from all the organisers, CumbriaVAG has grown massively in the last few years, from a show into a fully fledged festival, a development I can’t see slowing down any time soon, we’re excited for 2017 already!


Photos: Michael Scott
Event: CumbriaVag 2016
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Westmorland County Showground, Kendal, England