keepitclean | CumbriaVAG 2016 part 1
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CumbriaVAG 2016 part 1

Us guys at keepitclean are partial to one or two drinks, and usually indulge whenever we go to a show where we’re staying the night. Saturday night at Cumvag, however, we take it to a different level of drinking….

For part 1 of our CumbriaVAG 2016 feature, we’ve focused on the Saturday only, as you can see from the cars:party ratio in the images, the first half of the show is all about the party. As you can also probably tell from the focus and angles in a lot of the images, I was moderately “tipsy”… I would apologise for this, but I had a good night – sorry not sorry.

Look out for part 2 of our Cumvag feature dropping soon along with a video of the whole weekend in all it’s glory.

Photos: Michael Scott
Event: CumbriaVag 2016
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Westmorland County Showground, Kendal, England