keepitclean | Ultimate Dubs 2016
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Ultimate Dubs 2016

“Show season is here” – Our favourite cliché and the words we say at the same time every year, Ultimate Dubs time.

Ultimate Dubs, as most people know, is the first big event on the European show calendar, and brings people from all over the continent together to see just how high the bar is being set for the season.

This year, as in most years, there was a lot of talk in the weeks running up to the show, mostly people joking about the difficulty of getting an indoor spot, along with various related hashtags and the typical moans and groans from the purists about the level of non-VAG – something I don’t mind too much about, embrace diversity and all that…

The three halls at the International Centre Telford were all teeming with show-goers, and at their limits with show cars. This year’s standards were as high as ever, with a number of brand new builds, along with some of last year’s that have had a bit of a makeover, either way it’s great to see everyone out again after a long winter with no stance and no shiney wheels, it’s good to be back.

Photos: Michael Scott
Event: Ultimate Dubs
Words:Michael Scott
Location: Telford International Centre, Birmingham