keepitclean | Ally Boyd’s Corsa
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Ally Boyd’s Corsa

A Corsa. Why not eh? We all love to make the old Corsa joke, and everyone knows the stigma associated with them – but like it or not, they are 100% part of the modified car scene in the UK. So you want to stand out from the crowd but not sure how – well here is a bright green JDM inspired build that you cant ignore.

The first time we seen Ally’s Corsa was back in 2014 at Players Classic, where it sat static on a set of fully polished Artec MF wheels. A Mike the Polisher special.

Toward the end of that year things soon started to change, with a set of Bride Cuga seats purchased and air ordered up. All that was left to do was find a new set of wheels to suit Ally’s plans. Sunny, a fellow member of Lomotion, had put his custom Alfa Romeo SZ 3 piece wheels up for sale and when Ally got the chance to test fit them, they fitted like a glove! He stripped them down and finished the centres off in a strange red-copper – a colour we had never seen before. One thing for sure, this car was starting to take shape.

Red and green should never be seen? Well, somehow it works here. This JDM inspired interior has bride splattered everywhere, green Takata harnesses, red alcantara dash and a boot build highlighted with, yup you guessed it, green and red lights.

It certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. But this is why we love this car. It just screams at you, and says, ‘I did what I wanted to do’. It works. “ Its just a Corsa” , yeah but a fucking cool one.

1.4 SRi engine
Ramair induction kit
Custom exhaust

Front Firestone bags w/ Custom Gaz struts
Rear Firestone bags
Airlift V2 management system
2x 2.5 Gallon polished tanks
2x 380c Viair compressors

Custom 3 piece Image Alfa Romeo SZ wheels 17×8/8.5″
Falken Ziex 195/40/17 tyres

Custom front bumper
Triple R splitter
Flushed petrol cap
VXR wing mirrors
Opel grill
Team Heko wind deflectors
Shortened Ariel
Rear wiper delete
Reverse light delete
VXR rear bumper w/ custom diffuser
Tinted side repeaters
De- Badge

Red Bride Cuga seats
Red Grip Royal steering wheel
Green Takata Harnesses
Green SMD conversion
Pioneer double din headunit
2x Hertz 10″ DS25.3 subwoofers
In-phase 900W amplifier
Green footwell LEDs
Re-trimmed boot build
Re-trimmed Dash
Re-trimmed headliner

Photos : Chris Halliday
Edited by : Greg Robins
Car Owner : Ally Boyd
Words : Greg Robins
Location : Irvine, Scotland