keepitclean | Scott McClure’s VW UP
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Scott McClure’s VW UP

Volkswagen UPs have definitely made their mark over the past few years in the VAG scene – but none have made us smile quite as much as Scott’s. You may have spotted this lurking in the hangar at cleanfest this year where Scott revealed its new look and colour after a long night with the rest of the Lomotion lads to get the thing together in time.

Rewinding things a bit to last year, the first purchase Scott made was a set of 130mm drop StillStatic coilovers. Static.Yup. It sat nicely on a set of 17″ OZ SuperTurismo – swapping back to the Gottis he had stored away every now and again for the odd show. But it just wasn’t enough for Scott.

This year he gave the car a full revamp. The most obvious change is the colour. Audi Nardo Grey, it just works so well on this little thing. The addition of the Aero kit gives it that import look, widened front wings and smoothed front end makes this little UP a mean looking car. Finally happy with the shell, Scott’s love for the Gottis rekindled after bolting them up on the new body and is now his main choice of wheel. We are glad, as they sit so well on the car.

We dropped a video a few weeks back and if you haven’t seen it already check it out here . It lets you see this UP rolling, which is where the majority of people truly fall in love with this car – if you haven’t already.

1.0l 60PS

AH Exclusive / StillStatic H&R 130mm Coilovers
Silver Project Camber Top Mounts

Gotti G1001s – 17″ 5×112 7.5″ et 37 all round
Adaptec 4×100 – 5×112 PCD adapters 20mm/18mm’

Full Respray in Audi Nardo Grey (By Simons Auto Body)
SRS 1″ Wider front Wings
Pulled and smoothed Rear arches
Full VW Aero Splitter kit
RDX Spoiler
Smooth front end
Boot button removed and hidden

Headliner, A, B & C Pillars reatrimed in VW Charcoal Material

Photos : Greg Robins
Car Owner : Scott McClure
Words : Greg Robins
Location : Hamilton, Scotland