keepitclean | Marc Smith’s Toyota Supra
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Marc Smith’s Toyota Supra

‘Slam your car and grow your beard…life’s set’. This is Marc’s way of life, like many of the Team Beard crew up hiding in the North of Scotland. We don’t know much about beards but what we can tell you about is his scary low 2JZ converted Supra.

Grazing with the sheep up in Aberdeen for years, it’s hard to believe that we had never come across this car until Cleanfest last year. We loved it, so much so it even picked up a Top 10 Award – we knew we had to shoot it.

We finally made the trip up North, after a few cancelled trips due to the good old Scottish weather, and spent the afternoon with Marc’s static supra. Yup, static. Dropped on BC coilovers, over a set of 18” WORK S1 Meisters, Marc has managed get it sitting just right- well, right if you have a manly beard and big set of balls to run it mm from the floor. Packing 11j in the rears was no easy task, but with the slight pull and rolling of the arches it was all made possible.

Subtle changes like the front and rear facelift lights, carbon boot lip and full Chilli interior retrim have kept this car fresh and up to date. With the massive VAG scene in the UK, it’s refreshing to see something like this come out of Scotland.

Full twin turbo 2JZ GTE conversion,
RPS Stage2 Puck Clutch,
APEXI filter,
NurSpec RX exhaust,
Second Decat

BC Adjustable Coilovers

Workmeister S1 3pc gloss black centers/polished lip
18 x 9.5 +24 fronts (245/40/18) Yokohama advans.
18 x 11 +22 rears (265/35/18) Falken 452′

Arches fully rolled all round/ slight pull up front.
Grooved front disks.
Facelift headlights,
6k HID kit
Facelift rear lights,
Blitz sideskirts,
RRM front lip,
Carbon diffuser,
Carbon Ridox boot lip.

Full Transcal Retrim in chille red,
Gloss black sprayed dash panels,
Clarion touch screen double-din,
Carpets dyed black,
BLITZ boost gauge.

Photos: Greg Robins
Car owner: Marc Smith
Words: Greg Robins
Location: Aberdeen,Scotland