keepitclean | Mimms Honda Track Day 2015
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Mimms Honda Track Day 2015

The Japanese car scene is constantly growing in the UK,and Mimms Honda Day is fast becoming one of the biggest events on the show calendar for Honda fans. Last weekend we headed on down south to see the first instalment of Mimms this year, at Rockingham Speedway, in the format of a track day.

Show & Shine, was obviously our first protocol. Stand out cars included Mark Loony’s insanely stanced Civic, and the mad kitted up S200. The venue, Rockingham, was HUGE. So everything was fairly spread out. After wandering around the Show & Shine for a few hours, our attention turned to the track. This was actually a little bit of fresh air, from the usual ‘car show’. Doing laps were some insane JDM inspired cars, holes in bumpers, big wings, squint exhausts – everything you’d expect from Honda fans. Being honest it was actually pretty exciting, and in the end made for a nice change.

The day ended with the noise of spoon exhaust ringing in our ears, a best interior award in hand and a fucked arch. Til next year.

Photos: Greg Robins
Event: Mimms Honda Day
Words: Greg Robins
Location: Rockingham Speed Way, England