keepitclean | Dubshed 2015
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Dubshed 2015

Every year I get asked “what shows are you going to this year?” and there’s always one show right at the top of my list, dubshed.

We first made the trip in 2013 on the recommendation of a friend, and boy are we glad we went! In even just the last two years we have seen the show grow both in terms of quality and quantity, and this year the gtini crew well and truly killed it!

On Saturday, after an all night polishing session, we arrived in Belfast and made our way to the King’s Hall. After setting up our marquee and washing the car, at the rather impressive wash bays, we had a bit of time to relax and take in all the show cars here for the weekend. The quality this year was world class, yet the show still had that personal feel, a feeling that isn’t common at a lot of big shows now, one that assures you that it’s being run for passion and not profit.

With smaller crowds, the Saturday offered more space to walk around and really get a good look at what was on show, the quality was immense, and there wasn’t a car there I didn’t have to stop and look at for a while, though there were a few I looked at for longer than others, Mark Stewart’s BMW M135i was one of the many cars I had to walk around more than once, with its race/stance styling it really stood out in the crowd, another was Clark Caughey’s mk5, with his recent respray the car had me completely engrossed.

On Saturday night, we got ourselves dressed up and headed out to Box nightclub for a VIP night hosted by Kleen Freaks, it was a great way to blow off some steam after all the stress leading up to the show, though some blew off a little more than others…

Sunday, the main show day, is where we really noticed just how much dubshed had grown. We were glad to have been there on Saturday otherwise this would have been quite a boring feature, as the crowds really poured in I found myself wrestling to try and take pictures or to even get close to some of the cars, but who can blame them, that’s what the show is all about!

If I had to say just one thing about dubshed I would simply say “go.” this is not a show to be missed, and with the Saturday night party it’s a perfect weekend away. We’re glad that we never missed the ferry this year!

Photos: Greg Robins
Event: Dubshed
Words: Michael Scott
Location: Belfast, Ireland