keepitclean | Scott Lennon’s Honda Civic Ek3
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Scott Lennon’s Honda Civic Ek3

Yesterday, on a freezing cold winter morning i headed over to Erskine, just outside Glasgow city centre, to meet up with Scott and his civic. I spent the first hour of the feature, helping Scott tweak his front suspension height, as he was working in the unknown realm of air ride – something that the car recently just had fitted.

Once we got the coils wound down and the car dropped to how Scott wanted it, a great feature of the AirRex air struts, we headed out to gran some snaps in the low winter sun.

Scott bought up the Ek3 about a year ago to the week as a present for his girlfriend, but fell in love with it so much he kept it for himself. He admits it wasn’t in the best condition when he picked it up, so fresh paint was high on the list of things to do- and actually came part of the deal from the seller. Sick. Originally the car was to be painted burgundy, but he was having second thoughts. His old man at the time was driving a Subaru, and the night before it went in for paint he made the decision to go with Subaru WR Blue – a great snap decision.

Wheels was next, and Scott was after as much dish possible. He dropped the guys at CCW an email with his ideas, and they sorted him out with the perfect set of 9j LM16’s packing 3.5 inch dish upfront and 4 at the rear. With the AirRex suspension being fitted, it allowed the car to sit perfectly over the new shoes. With some nice interior touches, including a boot build and some s2000 front seats- the car finally came together. Probably not to the delight of his girlfriend – as she was still getting the bus.

Standard D15z6 1.5 vtec-e (115 bhp)

Airlift v2
AirRex White Struts
Buddy club adjustable front camber arms.
D2 adjustable rear camber arms

16″ 9J CCW LM16
19/40/16 Toyo T1-R tyres

Ek9 pre-facelift front bumper
Ek9 pre-facelift front lip
Ek9 rear bumper
Ek9 rear lip
Genuine facelift tail lights
Ek9 rep spoiler
Clear side repeaters
Badgeless grille
Deleted rear wiper/badges
Rear arches rolled and sealed
Aerial smoothed
Front bumper smoothed
Full respray in Subaru WR blue

S2000 leather seats on original S2000 low rails.
Grey civic VTi carpet
Hertz door speakers
Door cards trimmed in alcantara
Airlift controller hidden in coin tray
Bootbuild holding the colour coded air tank, lit in blue featuring glass panel showing compressor and ecu also lit blue, trimmed in charcoal alcantara.
Alpine head unit

Photos : Greg Robins
Car Owner : Scott Lennon
Words : Greg Robins
Location : Erskine, Scotland